TBS KJV Westminster Reference Bible, Black Calfskin

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Black Calfskin cover
4 ribbons and gold gilt
Page size: 8.5″ x 6″
9.6 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Westminster Reference Bible (Calfskin Leather)  (see more photos here and sample .pdf of interior)

Westminster Reference Bible, premium calfskin leather. This Bible contains over two hundred thousand cross-references, and also features a concordance and 8 full-color maps.

Calfskin leather cover
Cross references
Black text throughout
Quality sewn binding
Four marker ribbons
Bible paper

Additional Contents:
Gift presentation page
Translators to the Reader
The Epistle Dedicatory
List of pronunciation of words and proper names
Word list on page
Daily Bible reading plan
Color maps

Page Size: 8.5″ x 6″
Thickness: 1.3″
Print Size: 9.6 point

47 reviews for TBS KJV Westminster Reference Bible, Black Calfskin

  1. cleanindian67 (verified owner)

    Although I currently own several premium bibles, this one is definitely on my list of favorites after receiving this one. I purchased the large print due to the 200,000 references and was so impressed by the back and forward listing of scriptural references that I purchased this one. Yes, it doesn’t have all the “bells and whistles” that other premium bibles do, but I’m going to be using this one for bible studies, teaching, and definitely preaching. It may look rather plain on the outside, but that’s part of it’s appeal, no fancy window dressing just good solid work all the way through. The cross references are fabulous to use and easy too. It arrived quickly, and came in the TBS clamshell box that explains all the qualities, and the bonus for me was the blank pages in the back that can be used for notes and items of spiritual importance. Thanks Evangelical Bible for such a great product. Job Well Done.

  2. Janet Kopacz (verified owner)

    1st Esthetics – Box – true blue clam shell box, well presented, easily opened, strong, nice looking. The Bible has a faint, really nice leather scent; the Meriva calfskin cover is perfectly black and perfectly smoooooth, no perimeter stitching which really suits. The cover wraps around to the inside. There is a black, strong, (synthetic material?) paste-down liner. Each calfskin corner is pleated under the paste-down black liner. WOW. This was done beautifully. Looks fab. Red/Gold sewn binding houses the four ribbons (2 red, 2 black) which are narrow, strong, with nicely designed edgings, feel nice, are long enough, suit the Bible. The paper is off-white, pages easily turnal. 2nd – Practical use – firstly, the decorated inside-the-cover Scripture pages are beautifully done! I appreciated all the information pages. After reading the ‘Thou and Ye’ chart, I was very conscious whilst reading passages using these, especially being closely drawn to passages where both are used; really enriches the passages! (The NKJV of course would use ‘you’ only, not delineating between the singular/plural). The Bible lays easily flat. The Scripture pages have a very unique look to them, hard to describe; and, somehow, all the pictures or videos which show the 4 columns of print and 4 columns of references and 2-column width chapter headings all laid out do not do the Bible justice as compared to actually seeing them. These are well designed pages for sure; it is easy to read the references, easy to read the verse numbers, easy to read the font (I’m in late 60’s – reading glasses for me regardless of a 9.6 font or 11). There are easily located pretty extensive references I like a lot. I really loved the contextual use of certain words in the reference column; was not expecting that. Maps are great, concordance is designed I’m thinking to minimalize the number of pages. It is very readable. This print run was printed and bound in Belarus. I think perhaps the shading of the off-white is different than a higher more creamy look, but have to say ghosting is definitely not an issue. When reading, you don’t even think about ghosting at all! This Bible is well-priced. Why choose standard over the large print Bible? For me, just is about the personal size. I like the weight, size, dimensions, concordance – a great Bible.

  3. Z. (verified owner)

    I was disappointed at first that although all the reviewers on YouTube had their copies printed by Royal Jongbloed, my new Westminster was made in the Belarus.

    The main thing however is that this KJV text block is pretty much the best there is. I was on the fence about buying the Cambridge Concord but this one uses a digital font and a 4-column design which allows for a huge number of references, translator notes and archaic words from an expanded glossary to be placed right next to the verse in question. This is easily my favorite layout now, reminiscent of the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible.

    The only thing I’m not a fan of is the use of the chapter summaries taken from a 1773 edition that still contain antiquated words. This is in contrast to the running titles at the top of the page that use modern words. I would personally prefer adding subject headings in the Bible text instead to break up long running chapters into meaningful sections. Especially, since the KJV translators seem to have run out of steam at Acts 20:36 and stopped adding paragraph marking pilcrows beyond that point. Headings would improve readability and navigation. Regardless of this one issue, this is still a carefully designed text block. The material and usage guide in the front as well as the tools in the Appendix testify to that fact also.

    Now back to the question of printing and binding by Printcorp in the Belarus. I’m sure as a non-profit Bible society, TBS consider affordability an important factor. For a fairly low price, I feel that I still got decent paper quality and opacity. The binding is alright but not great. I personally think that Cambridge found a good balance of cost vs quality with their calf-split paste-down binding. You can typically get one of those for an extra $25 more than what I paid for this Westminster. Other not-for-profit ministries like Lockman and Crossway started producing higher quality Bibles also. Hopefully, TBS will consider that. With the sanctions affecting Belarus, they will probably have to look for a new printer anyway.

  4. Rick King (verified owner)

    This is a very nice quality Bible with a good, clean KJV text. So many Bibles these days that are supposed to be KJV have had the text tinkered with and words changed and capitalizations removed (i.e. Spirit) The cover is nice leather and the binding is sewn. It appears that it will hold up for a long time. One thing I am perplexed about is that I sent my previous copy back as it was damaged and had bent up pages. Jongbloed printed that one. The replacement I just received was printed in Belarus. I didn’t have the first one long enough to make a good mental note of the paper quality, etc. FedEx bungled the delivery and 2-day express took 6 days to get it here, so my memory isn’t that fresh. I can’t compare them side by side. If anyone knows the differences between the two, I would like to know.

  5. Frank D. (verified owner)

    Good Morning To All,

    I received my TBS Westminster Reference Bible the other day and I thought I would share my thoughts:

    1. The calfskin leather is beautiful, soft & wonderful to the touch & hold.
    2. The paper, font type & size (9.6) is easy on the eyes & easy to read.
    3. The four (4) column layout of the Bible is excellent, the references don’t cloud/disrupt the text.
    4. The choice of the reference material is excellent, an aid to study the Word, but not excessive.

    As a minister, I have a number of Bibles from different publishers, i.e., Cambridge, R.L. Allan, Schuyler & Nelson, all of them are wonderful. I would rate the TBS Bible right with them, but at less cost making it easier for a person to buy a well constructed Bible.

    Great job TBS and the good folks at Evangelical!

    Pastor Frank D.

  6. Floyd Wyatt (verified owner)


  7. Micahthomas.11 (verified owner)

    This Bible has and will continue to serve me extremely well as an extraordinary edition of the King James Version. My only issue with this Bible is the stiffness of the cover (though that sometimes feels like a benefit), but it’s still of great quality (and smell) for the price. Because of the extraordinary features inside, the issue with the cover seems minimal and I have commend this as the best KJV I could ask for.

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