Cambridge NASB Clarion Reference Bible, Brown Calfskin

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Brown Calfskin cover
2 brown ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 7.2″ x 5.2″ x 1.4″
9 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Cambridge NASB Clarion Reference Brown Calfskin

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A Cambridge Clarion Reference Bible presents the text in a single column with the cross-references in the outer margin, giving the page a very well laid out appearance. The font size is a little under 9 point with generous line spacing. It is typeset in Lexicon No. 1, a modern digital font which has many of the characteristics usually associated with traditional Bible typefaces–in particular, a degree of readability more usually associated with much larger type.

The Clarion edition is the only NASB personal size reference Bible with a single-column paragraph format. The Bible has 15 new color maps and a concordance and there are two ribbon place markers. This is a Bible of the very highest quality, printed on India paper with art-gilt edges, Smyth-sewn for flexibility and endurance

  • Brown Calfskin Leather
  • 2 Brown Ribbon Markers
  • Art Gilt
  • 9 point Lexicon No. 1
  • India Paper
  • Concordance
  • Black Letter
  • 18 cm x 13 cm x 3.5 cm  or  7.2″ x 5.2″ x 1.4″ (textblock)
  • 19 cm x 14 cm x 4.2 cm  or  7.6″ x 5.6″ x 1.7″ (overall)
  • Majority Paragraph Format, Verse-By-Verse in some of the Poetical Books
  • Single Column Format
  • 2028 pages
  • Cross References in outer Margin
  • Smyth Sewn



10 reviews for Cambridge NASB Clarion Reference Bible, Brown Calfskin

  1. Ann (verified owner)

    I am SO very happy with this bible. The pages feel silky. The size is perfect for my petite frame and one handed reading. The leather and gold lined pages are really beautiful. I was very reluctant to buy a premium bible. Now, I just wonder why I didn’t do it earlier. I really feel like it is the best value in a bible because it won’t fall apart. This bible looks like it will last! This is the perfect size for me where I can use this one bible for every need. I like becoming familiar with where every passage is in one bible rather than having a different bible for travel etc…The hinged box is SO nice that I keep it in the box and can take it with me in the box and not feel loaded down for reading on the go. I note take in a notebook so I only do a little highlighting with a crayon. I like my bible fairly clean for reading. I live in Hawaii and I received my order in record time and only paid $5 shipping. I am So very happy with this purchase and with the accessibility of customer service to answer all my questions. I bought this totally unseen as we don’t have a bookstore on our island. It is perfect.

  2. louandlor (verified owner)

    My wife and I received our brown calfskin version of the Clarion (NASB) today at 1153AM 15 Th. of May, Friday 2020. We were quite surprised when opening them.

    The texture of the leather binding , far surpassed other Bibles that claimed to be Calfskin. These were very smooth and supple to hold that we did not want to put them down.

    Scanning our favorite verses and passages the print was very easy on the eyes and very large enough to be read. We both have not had personal size Bibles before so it we kept wondering about the size on the details of the advertisement.
    Happy to say we are glad to have purchased these two copies of the Scriptures.

    We would like to give a “Shout-Out” to Karen of the Customer Service Department who was a very Big help with the Mix-Up in Shipping. My wife told her and I agreed that with the way things are today ( COVID-19) mistakes do happen.

    We shall do business again with Cambridge Bible which includes Evangelical we have purchased Bibles from this site in the past and they have been most professional in their dealings with us.

    So we must close and Wishing all To Stay Well and Healthy!

    In His Matchless Grace

    Louis and Lorraine DeMarco

  3. Jack

    Your concerns about the paper thinness and curling of the page corners are justified. Given that the paper is thin and opaque enough to fit in that Clarion format. I’m sure you had figured that out.
    The paper in my KJV Clarion stopped curling in time. I believe as some have mentioned in reviews here and on YouTube that curling is natural because it’s affected by environmental and atmospheric conditions. No way around it. Good news is that the curling stops after the pages have been “broken in” and has had time to “breath”. The pages become normal and don’t curl as much or at all.
    The Clarion paper is one of my favorites because of its characteristics to be thin yet opaque and very smooth.

  4. Kevin Ball (verified owner)

    Having purchased and read through two Schyluer Quentel bibles (ESV and the Canterbury KJV) I wanted to see how a Cambridge bible compared. I purchased this one based on the comments left by others and for the most part they were all correct in their reviews. I love the size, the cover, the binding, single column takes a little while to get used to and the font size is somewhat small but still easy to read. Two things I noticed off the bat – this is not a thin line bible – it was a little thicker than I expected but still an easy carry. The other thing was paper weight/thickness (lbs I guess you would call it). On the Schuyler bibles the pages felt more substantial than this bible and they did not curl as much. I would almost go as far as to compare the paper in the Cambridge as tissue paper that it used to wrap presents with. It easily curls, fold marks appear quickly and I find it difficult sometimes to separate the pages when reading and need to fidget with the pages to get them to separate. While I do not write in my bibles – I have a real hard time bringing myself to write in any bible but not other books 🙂 – I would be concerned that the pages may rip/tear if you are not careful (perhaps someone else can comment on this). I will mention that I have big hands and big fingers, so someone with smaller hands/fingers may not have as much of an issue. Overlooking the page weight/thickness issue I still really like this bible and look forward to reading it from start to finish this year.

  5. pilgrimg (verified owner)

    This was my first Cambridge bible purchase, and I am absolutely pleased with this Clarion in the NASB!
    I love the single column for easy reading, and the binding seems very well made. I like the cover with its slight pebbling texture. The overall size makes it a perfect “carry” bible. I highly recommend the Clarion!

  6. Patrick Brown (verified owner)

    When I opened the box I was amazes with the quality! The cover was a supple calfskin and the bindings were sewn with quality thread. The gold leaf around the pages was not cheep looking. I love the way it feels. the part that left me so crestfallen is that the 9pt. font is just too tiny to read without really straining and the side bar notes are impossible to read even with a glass. I really hope you will make a NASB bible for us old guys with maybe a 16pt font I really don’t care how big and heavy it is as long as I can read it. Oh and please make those margins fat and hefty so you can put notes on the sides. Id give you 3 times what I paid for the one I just got for the one I just described. Should you git up the gumption to make such a book please email me and I will buy it in a hot second.

  7. Arthur Peck (verified owner)

    This is the third Bible I’ve ordered through Evangelical Bible, and I can honestly say their customer service is the best. The Bibles are just as described and I truly love my new NASB. I recommend Evangelical Bible to anyone interested in buying a quality Bible.

  8. Pastor John Strazza (verified owner)

    I got the brown calfskin version of the Clarion (NASB) almost a year ago, and I must say it’s a favorite of mine. I love it. It’s small enough to be portable, but big enough to read very easily, anywhere, anytime. It’s solid in my hands, but still compact. Perfect size. The calfskin is super soft, and elegant. It feels great. Reading the bible in a single column is an excellent experience, and I somewhat prefer it – but it’s the overall size and feel of this bible that keeps me coming back to it. This is a great bible in every respect, and I would not hesitate at all to recommend it to anyone wanting a high end but usable bible. I’m considering getting the KJV as well, maybe in goatskin, but again, I love the calfskin. Highly recommended.

  9. Matt Davis (verified owner)

    I just received my brand new Clarion Brown Calfskin four days ago. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with this Bible. For starters, the service and prices at are the best in my humble opinion. This is my first venture into Premium Bible Land, as I am “retiring” my previous $30 ESV TruTone Bible. After six years I decided to change translations. After much deliberation, I opted for the NASB. The reason for my choice of the calfskin was just personal preference. I really like the brown. Of course, I also couldn’t afford the goatskin at this time aided in my choice as well. When I unpackaged this Bible, I couldn’t wait to smell the leather and the paper. Weird, maybe, but it was fantastic! As I’ve stated, I’ve never owned a nice Bible like this, so I wanted to take in the whole experience! The leather was very flexible and lays flat at Genesis and at the Concordance. The font was incredible. I absolutely love the way it is layed out. References are great and the maps are very nice, not glossy like other Bibles. I especially love the line matching. This makes for a wonderful reading experience. All in all, I am extremely well pleased with my purchase. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this particular Bible. My only complaint is that this Bible is so nice I don’t want to take it out of the house!! Haha.

  10. Toby Brown (verified owner)

    The size of this amazing Bible is perfect for personal reading and travel. The calfskin cover is smooth and fragrant and the text print is flawless. If you want a premium Bible to last decades of reading this will be a perfect choice! I don’t use it in the pulpit due to the size but I keep it always close at hand in my study. It’s going to be a great friend for many years to come.

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