Cambridge KJV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Goatskin

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Black Goatskin cover
Ribbon markers and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 7.0625″ x 5.125″ x 1.5″
8.75 font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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This is an entirely new setting of the Bible, published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the King James Version but intended to become a staple of the Cambridge list for many years to come as a new and distinctive format, across a range of versions. This particular edition is the first new Cambridge KJV reference Bible for over half a century and has been carefully designed for the modern era to meet an increasing demand for a more accessible format and comfortable reading size.

It is typeset in Lexicon No.1, a digital font designed for easy reading and with many similar characteristics to traditional hot-metal Bible typefaces, thus marrying the best of the old and the new. The print is black-letter throughout and the text is presented in paragraph (rather than traditional chapter and verse) style and in a single-column format. The notes and cross-references have been relocated to the outer margin, leaving the text relatively free and unencumbered.

These Bibles include maps and–instead of a conventional concordance and dictionary–a Reader’s Companion which offers the key elements of those features in one place.

Page size: 7.0625″ x 5.125″ x 1.5″ (180 mm x 131 mm x 40 mm)
Type size: 8.75 pt Lexicon No. 1
Black Goatskin
Black letter

18 reviews for Cambridge KJV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Goatskin

  1. Dave Council (verified owner)

    I am a retired, disabled minister who reads the Bible everyday.
    Recently, I received a beautiful Cambridge Clarion with black goatskin leather.
    I am so pleased at the special care Evangelical Bible took to package and send this Bible to me.
    The Bible is very handy, the leather is soft and makes you want to hold it as long as you can.
    I held it to my chest for a long time, know ing I had the Word in my hands.
    The font size is perfect. Not too big, not too small.
    The paper is so nice and texture is easy on the eyes.
    I am not one to review, but I must say this Bible is a keeper.
    I simply love it
    Thanks Evangelical Bible for everything you do.
    Sincerely Dave, TN.

  2. jackv (verified owner)

    If the Cameo is the quintessential bible and the Concord is a bible for all seasons, then the unequivocal masterpiece is the Clarion.
    The Clarion has been around for 10 years+ and there is good reason why.
    This handy sized bible is small enough to be manageable and large enough to read the 8.75 font.
    The Clarion is top notch design and construction. Out of the box it just looked perfect. Upon holding it I realized it’s the best personal size I’ve ever owned.
    There were no curling of the corners of the pages. It only happens if there is too much humidity, but that naturally happens anyways with a 28 gram indopaque paper.
    The Clarion is a great reading bible for those who are looking to approach the scriptures without self pronouncing words, subject headers, a two column set-up, and no red words of Christ in red while upon the earth.
    It’s of magnificent dimensions and feel because Cambridge and Royal Youngbloed did a fantastic job with this one.

  3. Jeffrey Turpin (verified owner)

    I have purchased a lot of Bibles during my time (including many “genuine” leather), but the Cambridge Clarion is the first “premium” Bible purchase I’ve made thus far. Edge-lined and smyth-sewn, this Bible should last a long time. The goatskin is supple with a pleasing texture to the grain (neither smooth nor rough), enveloping in the hands and yet firm enough so that it’s not sinking around the hands. The interior liner, while synthetic, is high quality. The dimensions of the Bible are excellent: a true hand-sized Bible that is neither too wide nor too tall. I don’t think the Bible is too thick in it’s depth, although of course it is thicker than your standard two-column Bible. To me, the thickness makes the Bible feel sturdy in its build as well as substantial in my hand, and thus, leads to a better grip that is less likely to be dropped.

    The paper is luxurious, smooth almost like silk, with incredibly clear print. (Not to mention, the paper as well as the goatskin smell wonderful!). I’ve never seen such high-quality paper and printing in any book in my life. Most people think the paper and ink in a book could not make much of a difference, as did I, but I would say it’s probably the most surprising thing about a premium Bible. It really seems to be an underappreciated benefit until you can witness it in person. The art gilt is up-to-expectations even though a few pages have a bit of red dye that bled from the edge onto the margin (about 1 mm from the edge). The two ribbons, however, are literally the only aspect of this Bible that even remotely screams “low quality”. One of the ribbons was a bit frayed in appearance, and judging by images and reviews, they don’t seem to be as high quality as the Schuyler ribbons as far as material, size, and the way they’re seared at the end. Nonetheless, it seems Cambridge may be addressing this with newly printed Bibles.

    As for the layout and content, I find they – combined with the dimensions and binding – to be utterly inviting. This Bible is a true joy to hold and read, and my day always becomes a bit brighter when I pull this Bible from the bookcase and remove it from the box. I have been finding single-column formats much better for reading in general, and especially for reading of more than one chapter at a time. The Clarion is the best single-column I’ve ever seen. Everything about it just “works”. The references and translators notes are placed directly to the side of the verse on the outer edge/column. This format leads to the quickest look-up and least eye-strain compared to having the references on the outer edge but aligned either at the top of the page or bottom of the page and also compared to the bottom-center aligned references of the Quentels (which from tests on sampler PDFs took up to a few more seconds to find the reference and definitely more eye strain). The Clarion does so well of both getting out of your way so that you can read the text, but also easily use reference tools (such as cross-references and translator’s notes) in an efficient manner. The KJV Clarion also includes a combination dictionary and concordance – called the Reader’s Companion – making this probably the best non-study “study” Bible around. (The 2nd edition KJV Pitt Minion also has the Reader’s Companion). I wish all Cambridge (and Schuyler for that matter) Bibles had this helpful feature.

  4. Stephen

    Better than my Allan.

  5. Carl

    Everything about the Clarion KJV is perfect, I loved the three I had. And therein is the rub.
    I feel that the size of the book isn’t well supported by a goat skin binding. The issues I had were primarily with glue and tearing in the place where the leather flap tucks under the very first black page. I returned the first one, then the second one, and the third sits on a shelf after failure in just 7 months. I can’t bring myself to seek another replacement only to watch it deteriorate again. So I moved on.
    There are many Industries that make things for those 90 percent of the people who will never fully use it for its intended purpose and I fear Cambridge may be falling short in manufacturing methodology to save a few cents on each volume. We shall see. I did notice their NKJV is cut differently at this juncture and the wife’s is holding up.
    I ordered a Goatskin Cameo this time, I think it is hard to beat the India paper, it’s pretty tough.

  6. Brian Rollins (verified owner)

    As others have said, this is truly a beautiful bible. It’s astonishingly small, but I am coming from a Canterbury; so I’ve never been able to one-hand the bible like you can with this Clarion. Extremely portable, but you’ll have to be careful with it. To keep the size down Cambridge, of course, had to use pretty thin paper. Feels like it will hold up fine, but if you’re kinda rough with your bibles this might not be the best choice. If you’re gentle and you appreciate fine craftsmanship this Clarion would be a wonderful addition to your collection. I’m quite satisfied with it and looking forward to years of use.

  7. nickbangels (verified owner)

    This bible is superb in almost every area. While I don’t endorse paragraph format bibles (verse-by-verse is better for scripture), I have to admit that this is the very best hand size bible on the market. I would have opted for the Cambridge Cameo as my preferred hand size bible (since the Cameo is verse-by-verse and has the same superior binding and craftsmanship) but the Cameo has one major flaw: the text printing of the Cameo is rather bad, small and hard to read. In some places, like the cross-references and translator footnotes – the Cameo is impossible to read.

    This Cambridge Clarion bible, however, is one of the most readable bibles in the world and contains some of the best font printing I’ve ever seen. Large, line matched (for the most part), and crisp. This bible gets the most praise for containing the Authorized Version / King James Version of the written Word of God (the pure Cambridge Edition of the text). It also receives high grades for the near perfect dimensions, overall weight, superior craftsmanship of the goatskin binding, art gilding, paper quality, etc. I won’t go into a categorical breakdown like I normally would because so much critical info about this bible is already out there – and I agree with almost all of the other reviewers. Yes, the paper is thin, but it’s high quality. Curling is not an issue unless you live in Florida or Houston, Texas or some other high humidity place – which in that case you probably should be investing in a bible with 36 GSM paper anyway. Besides, any curling that does occur (if it does occur at all), goes away after you close your bible and let it sit for a few hours because the natural weight of the bible flattens the curled page(s) back out to it’s original crispy straightness. Meaning the same thin paper that potentially causes it to curl is the same thin paper that causes it to be easily flattened out back into it’s original shape – remarkable.

    A note about buying from vs other vendors (like Amazon): You should probably buy your Cambridge Clarion from – period. Why? Well you’ll probably get a better bible in the mail. How? Well here’s the deal, all Cambridge Clarion KJV bibles are not created equal. I’ve bought several (3) Cambridge Clarion bibles from Amazon which I was happy with – until I bought my 4th Clarion from and compared them. For some reason the Clarion that arrived from was of significantly higher quality than the Amazon versions. I have no idea why. But it’s as clear as night and day – I was shocked. The goatskin cover was absolutely incredible in that it was more natural looking, more plush, more grainy and rich, softer and more beautiful. The corners were sown down better. The art gilding was actually darker and better applied. Essentially the bible that came from actually looked like the exclusive photos they have while the bibles that came from Amazon do not look like their photos. Not sure how one can explain such drastic differences there but I don’t need to know as I don’t really care – I’m just thankful that now I know to buy my bibles from this website whenever possible. Plus, they are less expensive buying from here – go figure. God bless and peace!

  8. jake

    I love text block! and I wish Cambridge will make wide margin with thicker paper.

  9. Max Smith

    Well…first I received this on the 5th of April and am writing this on the 7th of April and I looked up reviews on youtube of this bible and to be honest I thought it wasn’t going to be as great as I thought it was when I had made the purchase and I WAS SO WRONG!!! VERY, VERY READABLE, thin paper and it helps focus on the word of God instead of worrying which verse I’m on!!! Another thing that drew to this bible were the references and lets not forget the beautiful ART GILT EDGES!!! VERY VERY PLEASED!!!

  10. Intheknighttime

    This by far is the best paragraph Style Bible on Market.
    What makes it so fantastic is that as references as well.
    The quality is insurmountable goat Skin So Soft so supple the paper perfect opaque feel.
    It is the one I read from every night.

  11. Kevin (verified owner)

    How to write this review is a challenging question. There’s so much I could say but I think I will just stick with what blew me away. First off, the goatskin cover. The cover is a work of art and strongly resembles the goatskin on the Pitt Minion. Flexible right out of the box, extremely soft to the touch and even rolls if you should so choose to do so. The edge lining is very well done and should last for generations to come. The art gilt is just perfect and the salmon color, gorgeous! The Readers Companion is something I wish all of my Bibles included. I really do prefer it to an standard dictionary and concordance. Having it all in one is awesome. My end pages had a couple “chews” on them, but for me they add character. I have a NKJV Clarion in brown calfskin, and though I love the calfskin edition, this goatskin took first place instantly! I own a lot (did I say A LOT?!?!?) of premium Bibles (Allan, Cambridge, LCBP, TBS, etc), but I must say without hesitation that this one is my absolute favorite! I highly recommend it!!!

    One Love…

  12. Christopher (verified owner)

    I just recieved my second Clarion. My first was a calfsplit that I gave away. The new one is goatskin. Words cant describe how good this bible is. I own a Longprimer, Schuyler Westminster, Concord, and Clarion. Of course the Clarion wont leave the house, but the other bibles take a back seat at homw when Im reading. The Clarion will cause you to get drowned into The Word! I HIGHLY recommend this bible. As far as covers are concerned…I like the goatskin (which has its advantages as far as the type of binding and cover edge line. But I wouldnt hesitate to recommend the calfsplit as well. It lays open a little more due to how the cover is attatched to the book block. If you are looking for a great bible to just sit back and read without distractions, then this bible is for you. I will also add that paragraph format was easy for me to adjust too. I will add this too. You can write in the Clarion. I have a blog on biblebuyingguide about it. The thin paper is tougher that most think.

  13. Michael Freeman (verified owner)

    Absolutely spot on binding, printing, and text format with this bible. As reviewed above, it isn’t an Allan’s is the only take away from this edition. The size is perfect for hand held reading with a good balance thickness to length. Paper quality is excellent with only minor ghosting in areas of poetry. Be aware it is a readers bible and can be slow chasing the pastor around during service, but as a readers bible in KJV it is unparalleled in readability. Personally I worship and study
    from Allan’s Longprimer or Clarendon for reasons of following the pastor or writing notes, but the one I grab at home and sit and read is this fantastic Clarion.

  14. conner parsons (verified owner)

    I was surprised at how compact this bible is! It is the perfect size for a personal companion and yet it reads splendidly. The typeset and the paper really set off the text and the goatskin is so soft and liquid I just keep feeling the need to pick it up. I don’t have a single complaint. I love it.

  15. Samuel Nieves (verified owner)

    I purchased this Bible almost a year ago and I must say the Clarion is superb all around. The binding is flawless, the goatskin leather feels like silk embracing your fingers and the single column format and font along with the line matching makes it a winner!
    Highly recommended plus it comes in different translations which is awesome.

  16. Paul Young (verified owner)

    I just opened my new Cambridge KJV Clarion in black goatskin. WOW!! This is an exquisite Bible. Perfect size for the hand. It has a soft cover with beautiful grain and lots of flexibility. It just folds over the hand perfectly. The text is very readable and the single column layout is amazing. This is a Bible you will have no problem reading for hours on end without eye strain. The two red ribbon markers are wider than cheaper Bibles and really pop against the black cover. This is by far the best KJV Bible I personally have ever owned. After seeing this Bible, I will be pre-ordering the ESV in the Clarion. Do yourself a favor. Get on of these!! And make sure you do it from Their price and service are excellent.

  17. Isaac Johnson

    I received the Cambridge KJV Clarion Reference in Goatskin from a friend the other day and I feel compelled to express my thoughts…

    If I only had one world that I could use to describe this Bible, that one word would be “PERFECT”!

    1st. The Goatskin cover is simply amazing! Everything that is true about the Cambridge Wide-Margin covers is true about this one; it is super flexible, limp and amazingly grainy. Honestly, in my opinion Allan’s goatskin offerings aren’t better, just different than that of Cambridge. You can take the Clarion cover, roll it up like a scroll only to have it roll back into place as if nothing ever happened.

    2nd. The layout, font choice and font size makes this KJV stand out in a crowd. Most KJV’s use an antiquated font, so the modern font makes everything feel fresh. Chances are that the passer by would mistakingly assume this Bible was something other than the KJV at first glance. The single column setting also aids in giving this KJV a “youthful makeover”. IMO, the size of the font is perfect for the size of the text block; it’s not too big and not too small.

    3rd. Cambridge hit a home-run with the dimensions of the Clarion. The Bible just feels perfect it your hand; it doesn’t matter if it is open or closed, it just feels right. I can hold it with with one hand without getting tired because of the size. Also, because the footprint is not huge, there is no need to hold up the page you are reading with what would have been your free hand. There is also no need to fold the cover over on it self in order to hold it with one hand (although you easily could). This Bible even works perfectly while one is sitting in bed and reading; it just does well in most any situation you find yourself in.

    4th. The paper is exactly the way it needs to be. With the primary purpose for this Bible is reading, the paper is not really thick. That is because this is not a wide-margin Bible made for taking notes (which should easily be noticed because of lack of margin space). Also, the paper being thinner helps to keep the size in check to give us those perfect dimensions. This begs the question of whats so great about the paper. Well, the paper is really white (which Cambridge is really good at doing) and the text is dark which causes the text to jump of the page.

    Conclusion: Cambridge did a wonderful job with this edition. It is no doubt the best Cambridge Bible I have ever owned, and in the discussion of being one of the best Bibles of all time. A must have in any persons Bible library.


    Be Encouraged:-)

  18. Robert Richardson

    A very nice Bible……very readable…..a very well executed Cambridge goatskin Bible……..I initially gave this Bible a five star rating but had to change to four stars in order to have some way to recognize that the best goatskin (synthetic-lined) from Cambridge is just not equal to the best goatskin (leather-lined) from Allan!!!! Don’t get me wrong, THIS IS A VERY NICE BIBLE!!!……but, it is not an Allan leather-lined goatskin!!

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