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Cambridge Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Black Goatskin

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Black Goatskin cover with leather lining
2 red ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 9.2″ x 6″ x 1.3″
10 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
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The Turquoise Reference Edition of the King James Bible was created in the 1920s and has stood as a superb and well-loved example of classic Cambridge typographic design for over ninety years. The large format allows the text to be presented in a comfortably readable form using a bold, traditional typeface with cross-references. For this edition, the concordance has been freshly typeset, and the Bible includes the Translators’ Preface, their compelling account of the principles underlying the publication of the KJV in 1611.

Features include:

Black Goatskin with full leather linings
Red under gold art gilt
Two red ribbons
Red-letter text
28 gsm Indopaque paper
Translator’s Preface
Pronunciation marks
Italics for inserted words
References and concordance
Family record section and presentation page
Map section
Smyth Sewn

Typography: 10/11 point Antique Old Style No. 3
Page size: 9.2″ x 6″ x 1.3″ (234 mm x 152 mm x 32 mm)
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25 reviews for Cambridge Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Black Goatskin

  1. Gary Daney (verified owner)

    I just want to make a brief comment on my purchase. I ordered 2 Bibles from this company and do love what has been ordered. The first being the Cambridge Turquoise KJV black Goat skin and the 2nd the Schuyler Canterbury KJV dark purple for my wife which has been preordered and is now in transit. The Bibles are not an afterthought but waited at least six to eight months before deciding what to purchase. Cambridge has always been my bible of preference but didn’t want a wide margin so when I saw the Turquoise I watched all the Youtube channels about it and was convinced this is what I wanted. so I ordered it and to my surprise it was the best Bible I thought I purchased. Now this is the problem I’m having. on page 74 of the Cambridge there is beginning a slight protrusion of the pages to which I was informed this is called “stepping” (never heard of that phrase before) and that it is not uncommon in the beginning and ending of the Bible. Said that this is not a defect and that this kind of happens when the binder rounds the spine. After this I will never order another Cambridge and to deem this not a defect is a misstatement. I love the Bible but probably never use it cause to others it may not seem important but to me the issue will always be there.
    so the Bible is nice but Cambridge has always had issues with a protusion so be mindful of that if and when you order one.

  2. fezzfiles (verified owner)

    I received my Cambridge Turquoise Bible and compared it to my other Bibles. The red print in the Turquoise is noticeable better than in the Schuyler Quentel — and I’m not knocking Schuyler either. I have been very loyal to Schuyler Bibles but after checking out the Turquoise I would say this Bible scores a little better than Schuyler Bibles do. So if you want a KJV with very easy to read red print and with quality paper, then look no further than the Turquoise.
    Though Cambridge could still improve a little here. I also compared the Turquoise with a very old NT from World Publishing Company which must have been dated in the 1950s or 60s. The World Publishing red print is absolutely the most superior I have ever seen in any Bible.
    All and all, Cambridge was wise to step up their Bibles by bringing back the Turquoise. Too many red print Bibles out there that put no effort in making the red print legible. I own a few Bibles where the red print is nearly invisible. I encourage Cambridge to keep the Turquoise in print. Its the best Bible Cambridge sells. I am very happy with the overall quality of this Bible.

  3. Haveadrinkofwater (verified owner)

    This is a review for the Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Black Goatskin. I have purchased many custom bibles from They have always been professional to me. I have never had any issues with the shipping times, packaging, product, or the personal engraving. I have purchased Allen NASB Goatskin leather, Allen KJV and NASB Goatskin leather. Schuyler NASB and KJV Goatskin leather bibles in many different sizes and colors. These are the best of the very best……. until now. I just received the Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Black Goatskin and I am very impressed with the Leather, page layout, no ghosting, the binding, print quality and readability. I love this bible. Is it better than Schuyler or Allen? I think it’s built just as well. I prefer this text to the Allen Longprimer because in my opinion the text and style are better. The readability is better in my opinion. I am super picky and have been collecting custom bibles for 10 years so believe me when I say that if you like KJV and want a readable, very well built bible that feels amazing in your hands and very readable then Do yourself a favor and get this thing now before they are gone. Cambridge has been in business for 400 years. They know what they are doing.

  4. wrhowell76 (verified owner)

    I try not to write reviews because of my arthritis is so bad it hurts to type but I just received my Turquoise Bible today and it is the best Bible I have ever owned.

  5. Chris Haley

    Just wanted to inform potential buyers that the issue mentioned above at Leviticus 20:6 has to do with the printing press plate scanned for the new edition. I own a vintage Turquoise 24XD and 44XRL (1976 & 1977 respectively) and the top of the “h” appears bent to the left, almost broken off the letter in both Bibles.

    I highly recommend the new Turquoise, especially since a brand new vintage copy is a rare find. The blue goatskin I bought is a treasure to behold. Thank you for making this classic Bible available again. God Bless in the Name of Jesus all your work and devotion to Scripture!

  6. justin

    Note: Typo is found in Leviticus 20:6, it says ‘turnetn’ and should be ‘turneth’. It can be fixed with black ink pen.

    Aside from that, this is an amazing KJV Bible. Very traditional/classic look and exceptional quality. Very much on par with Schuyler and other top brands. I have a Schuyler and the build quality is very much the same. I think overall Schuyler is a bit better depending on your preferences (the goatskin on my Schuyler is a bit thicker). I do however prefer the font style in this Cambridge and the layout is excellent and so readable. I also like the maps more in the Cambridge than my Schuyler, the colours are more rich and vibrant to me. I did not find any other issues with mine other than the typo.. otherwise its 5 stars. If I could rate it 4.9/5 I would.

  7. jeffreyblaylock (verified owner)

    What an outstanding and beautiful copy of God’s Word! It does not get any better than this if you are looking for a premium larger font KJV red letter Bible. This Bible is such a pleasure to read and is so easy on the eyes. I prefer red letter and the Turquoise along with the Cameo are the best two red letter versions I have seen. It is very consistent and a solid, bold brick red. I am mid 40s and my eyes are starting to take a hit, and the Turquoise suits my needs perfectly. If you are on the fence about this one, give it a shot. From my experience, I think you will love it!

  8. lstevew2008 (verified owner)

    First I want to thank Evangelical for their prompt service and quick delivery. This is my 4th Bible from Evangelical and I am nothing but thrilled to have and hold my new Cambridge Turquoise KJV. To my surprise it is the same Bible (with improvements) I purchased at the Baptist Book Store here in San Antonio many years ago. It is like finding an old friend. I pulled the old one out which is quite worn, and matched it up with new one and though all the text matches position perfectly, there is no comparison with my new one in quality. Thank you for another great product and great service. My Alan and Schuyler will have to take a back seat for a while

  9. mrdeconcini

    Stunning! I have been eyeballing this bible for quite sometime but just pulled the trigger. i can say that it was worth the wait. Everything about this bible is beautiful. For a more detailed view click below.

  10. Mackenzie

    RRP of $310? I got this lovely bible for £131 – Cambridge always overrate their products but here’s the thing; this Cambridge is one of the only ones (there might be another) that has a real leather liner – they are cost cutting – also their misty overspray is pathetic- a mockingly pitiful art gilt. On this bible however it’s good. This Bible has the best font in black AND red. If you were only to get one Cambridge then get this one before they corner cut that one too.

  11. Michael Peck (verified owner)

    An excellent Bible.

  12. Jeffrey Martin (verified owner)

    I received the Cambridge Turquoise about a month ago. It is pleasing beyond measure. Cambridge really poured into this one with the leather liner and high quality ribbons. Having said this, the text itself is my favorite part. It is an extremely legible print. Dark and bold yet not overly done. The Antique Old Style font is absolutely to be treasured. It is a nice break from your typical modern, simplistic style of digital print while yet again not over doing anything in the process. It is definitely an heirloom to be passed down. I am more than impressed with this purchase. It is without question the best Cambridge that I own. The craftsmanship is amazing. With work like this, they can now match their beloved and time treasured text blocks to beautifully crafted exteriors, which of late seems to be won by Schuyler and Allan, both of which I am a fan also. Keep up the amazing work, Cambridge, as you have with this Turquoise KJV. Also, thank you to Evangelical Bible for their timeliness and warm, personable staff.

  13. Pastor Aaron L Gravett (verified owner)

    I seen a few reviews of this Bible and I found myself really wanting it. I finally ordered it and I think I checked the tracking every hour! Lol. Seriously, as soon as I unboxed it, the smell of leather filled the car! This is one amazingly built quality Bible! Beautiful in every way! The Goatskin is very soft but durable, the leather liner is superb, and the edge-line done very well. The raised hubs really makes this Bible stand out. The stitching is very tight with perfect folds for the corners. The art gilt (red under gold) really sets it apart. Of course the Bible text itself being the Turquoise is very readable with nice bold black and red ink. This Bible will be used until I’m with Christ!

  14. Seth Street (verified owner)

    This is tied with my red 62 Longprimer Sovereign as my favorite bible of all time. Definitely has lived up to the hype. It is even easier to read than my Longprimer but I still enjoy them the same amount for different reasons. FYI the only difference between the black turquoise and the brown and blue exclusives is that the black has the standard Cambridge light colored art gilding, which is actually the more traditional style of art gilding.

  15. Mark Caldwell (verified owner)

    I received my black Cambridge Turquoise in the mail recently. Great looking Bible,great print,and very readable. This is my first Cambridge,as I have always bought Schuyler and Allan Bibles, but am very well pleased with this KJV edition. And as always,great service and shipping from Evangelical Bible.

  16. Alexander MacDonald (verified owner)

    Nice Bible, but the red and black ink is either too dark or too faded in many places throughout the gospels. I know printing, and I know nothing is ever perfect, but from the prepublication reviews I expected better. I’m sure the printer didn’t send out review copies of this Bible with this sort of imperfection. They let the press run until it looked perfect and then sent those copies out. We did the same at a newspaper I once worked at. The owner of the paper always got the best copy, which came off the press during the middle of the run. When the big publication run of this Bible went to press it seems the printer sent everything out, no matter what it looked like. I’m disappointed. Quality control should have been better. If they publish a black letter version of this Bible I will purchase a copy, hoping it will be better. Buyer beware. If Evangelical Bible has a better looking copy they wish to send me I will gladly take one.

  17. Benjamin Goss (verified owner)

    I went with the black goatskin because I didn’t want a flashy bible. The blue and brown exclusives look amazing though. I think the main difference with the exclusives is the darker art gilt.
    Cambridge really knocked it out of the ballpark with the reintroduction of their old Turquoise bible. At first I thought the 28 gsm paper would be an issue, but it’s really opaque and bleedthrough is virtually non existent with the added line matching. This is by far the most readable bible I have ever seen. It’s slightly more readable than the longprimer. The cambridge red letter as always is a nice and dark brick red that is easy on the eyes. The print is very crisp and bold. Not sure what the typesetting is but it looks slightly modern with a hint of a vintage feel. The spacing per line is perfect. Cambridge left out the glossary on this one but the concordance is nice. The new maps in the back are printed on thick and semi glossy paper. I really like the old Cambridge maps but these newer ones are nice too.
    What makes this Cambridge bible different from all their other goatskin bibles is that this one is edge lined with calfskin and has two really nice ribbons. Normally Cambridge lacks in the ribbon department but delivered the good with this one. Head and tail band are red and gold and set the whole bible off and gives it a more distinguished look.
    The size of this bible is tall and more narrow which is nice because you can read with one hand without losing your grip.
    All in all I would recommend this bible if your looking for readability and style. Cambridge also has a calfsplit version which is the exact same text block just without all the bells and whistles of the goatskin counterpart. I think a lot of us got a little too excited when we heard that Cambridge was bringing back the turquoise bible. Now if they’d get on top of printing more cameos they would have two classics to choose between.

  18. Philip Robins (verified owner)

    The red letter edition says it all for me. I have a calfskin Turquoise red letter I purchased back in 1997. I use the red letters as a visual reference to help me quickly find specific passages in the gospels. I paid $108 in 1997 for my calfskin Bible and filled its pages with hand written notes. It has been falling apart for the past few years and I have been looking for another, but did not realize it was out of print until now. I have bought over a half dozen new Bibles (black letter) trying to find this same Bible but to no avail until now. This Bible has the perfect dimensions, perfect font and print size, and it is red letter goatskin. Everything I wanted to replace my old calfskin. Now I have to transpose my notes from the old Bible to the new. A labor of love for sure.

  19. Ronnie Vonner (verified owner)

    Received my Turquoise in the mail today. A truly worthwhile investment, right on the same level as RL Allan Longprimer. This Bible is truly a work of art. If you are thinking about this one, it is time to go for it.

  20. Paul Barnett (verified owner)

    Oh-boy! My Canterbury is king in my easy chair (along with my brick, 1st ed)…. but the readability and portability of this absolutely stunning bible is hard to ignore! And just like my full sized Canterbury, I cannot find a flaw! The corner work on my cover is better than all of my other bibles (going to get the brown so when I gift this one, I’ll still have one). The paper is the best I’ve seen at this thinness. It appears to be better than my PSC & PSQ. I owned a special edition of the Turquoise from another company – gave it away because of poor paper and smudging print. It is apparent to me that it is becoming very hard to beat the quality of a Cambridge bible.
    So now I will rotate the Turquoise with the Canterbury for my KJV selection.

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