Schuyler Journal Marbled Mahogany Calfskin

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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This Journal is a beautiful accompaniment to any Bible. It contains 234 pages of lined and numbered paper, as well as a Table of Contents to keep a record of what you have written.

Features include:
Marbled Mahogany Calfskin cover  – with full perimeter stitching. exclusive pics.
Table of Contents
234 lined and numbered pages
Red under gold art gilt edges (hand sprayed in the Netherlands)
One gold ribbon
70 GSM – Milled in Castellón Spain
Smyth Sewn
5.5″ x 8.5″ (139 x 216 mm)

4 reviews for Schuyler Journal Marbled Mahogany Calfskin

  1. Caleb Ellis

    I almost didn’t buy this journal because of the bad reviews, but I’m so glad I went ahead and bought it anyway. This is a top of the line Journal, surpassing all that I expected by far. No it does not have a leather liner but its not a Bible, and it also won’t cost you $250. And while we’re on that topic, the stiff paper liner gives it the stiffness you would expect, and what i desire in a journal. All things considered. You get everything and more than you pay for just like everything from Schuyler Bibles, and it will last! In conclusion, this journal is the perfect compliment to any Schuyler marbled mahogany calfskin Bible and i would strongly suggest it to anyone!

  2. Taylor Lyon

    I have to agree with Dean. I was pretty disappointed when I received this. Its a nice enough journal but not any different than what you would get for half or less the price at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

    The spacing between the lines on the paper is fairly large unlike a dot grid journal so you won’t get as much use out of it as you could.

    The color of the leather is nice enough but the feeling, flexibility and thickness of it isn’t great. Additionally the show through on the pages is really poor. Even using the thinnest Micron you can buy and using them lightly; the bleed through is real. I wouldn’t recommend this journal to anyone.

    Other papers have less show through, the leather isn’t any nicer than normal, the ribbon is already fraying after very light use. You’re paying for a name and a mildly different aesthetic.

  3. Nathan Keel

    Luxurious leather, beautiful thick creamy paper. Lovely Journal. Wonderful table of contents and page numbers. For the price i would expect an edge lined leather liner from Schuyler though 4½/5★

  4. Dean Waterman

    Frankly, disappointed. The goatskin leather is not as thick as I hoped for; and feels like a thick cardboard cover. The pages are fine; nothing out of the ordinary in comparison with other journals. The only bonus is it matches my Bible of the same color.

    Sadly, this feels like a $20-$25 journal, equivalent to what you could purchase at a Barnes & Noble, or other retailers, for much less than the $60 this journal costs.

    I appreciate what Schuyler is trying to do; but the overall cost for the journal doesn’t justify the purchase.

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