All of these articles are written by Sky Cline, CEO of and Schuyler Bible Publishers. 

Homosexuality: The Christian Perspective (our most popular article is available in English and Spanish)

The Transgender Delusion.

The Great “Omission.” (Is the Great Commission a reality in the evangelical world?)

Preach the Word. (An essay that challenges the entertainment church model)

You are the Body of Christ. (The body of Christ is more than the professional staff…much more)

Ordinary People (The people that God typically uses)

One in Christ (Have you ever wondered why Sunday is the most segregated day in America?)

Christian Basics (A short study of Christian basic teachings)

Atonement: Why is the death of Christ the central doctrine of the Christian faith.

The Good Friday Gospel (A succinct portrayal of the good news using the narrative of the thief on the cross)

Escape the Wrath of God. (One attribute of God that has currently fallen out of popularity)

Is Christianity an “exclusive” religion?

Is “Jesus loves you” the gospel? (or is it more than that?)

Jehovah’s Witness and the Deity of Christ (A succinct essay that illuminates major problems in JW doctrine)

Mormon Church and the Nature of God (A succinct essay that illuminates major problems in LDS doctrine)